About HKNS

About the Hong Kong Nutritionists Society

The Hong Kong Nutritionists Society (HKNS) is a non-profit professional organisation established by a group of practicing Nutritionists in 2016.

Currently, there is no statutory regulation to accredit and govern professional standard of practicing Nutritionist in Hong Kong. With reference to the professional standard adopted by the Association for Nutrition, United Kingdom, the HKNS is committed in setting up the professional requirements, registering qualified Nutritionists, and safeguarding professional standard of Nutritionists in Hong Kong.

V: Vision

To promote nutritional health of all through evidence-based nutrition practice.

M: Missions

To protect the public through quality assurance;
To uphold standard of the professionals registered under the Hong Kong Nutritionists Society; and
To provide a channel for the public to obtain reliable information on food and nutrition.

V: Values

Honesty, integrity and professionalism.