List of Accredited Academic Programs

Under the collaboration with the University of Nottingham (UK), The Ulster University (UK), The University of Leeds (UK), and the St Mary’s University (UK), it is our pleasure to announce that the following programs have been accredited by the Hong Kong Nutritionists Society as fulfillment of academic requirements for Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) and Registered Associate Nutritionist (RANutr) applications.

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Q1. Nutritionist和Dietitian兩者都普遍稱作「營養師」,兩者有甚麼分別?香港政府有官方註冊制度嗎?
A1. 直至現時為止,香港政府並沒有法例為Nutritionist或Dietitian進行註冊,任何人皆可以自稱為 營養師 / Nutritionist / Dietitian。根據香港食物及衛生局的界定,Nutritionist 和Dietitian屬於不同專業,兩者無論在學歷要求以及執業範圍都有明顯分別。故此,兩個專業並沒有從屬關係,亦沒有凌駕性。

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