List of Accredited Academic Programs

Under the collaboration with the University of Nottingham (UK), The Ulster University (UK), The University of Leeds (UK), and the St Mary’s University (UK), it is our pleasure to announce that the following programs have been accredited by the Hong Kong Nutritionists Society as fulfillment of academic requirements for Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) and Registered Associate Nutritionist (RANutr) applications.

Applicants graduated from the below listed programs are only required to submit the ‘Application Form (HKNS) Rev Jan 2018’, and copy of their university certificate and transcripts. Our committee members will then approach the applicants to submit further document on employment/practical experience proof as appropriate to complete the registration assessment process.

List of accredited programs (In arbitrary order):

The University of Leeds (UK)

BSc in Food Science and Nutrition program,
BSc in Nutrition program

University of Nottingham (UK)

BSc in Nutrition Program,
BSc in Food Science and Nutrition Program

The St Mary’s University (UK)

MSc Human Nutrition Program
BSc Nutrition Program

The University of Hull (UK)

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Nutrition program

University of South Australia (Australia)

Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences program

The Flinders University (Australia)

Bachelor of Human Nutrition

The registration requirements of the Hong Kong Nutritionists Society are defined with reference to the UK and Australian standards. We will continue to collaborate with other universities in UK, Australia, and other countries to include more programs into our accreditation list.

Details of registration procedures: